Meet Kim

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.08.55 AMNew York based fashion designer, makeup artist, and image consultant, Kim Williams, is featured on season 5 of ABC’s hit television series Extreme Weight Loss. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii to a family talented in various arts such as music, dance, painting, and sewing, Kim pursued a career in the arts by attending and graduating from the prestigious Parsons the New School of Design.

Kim’s best friend, her grandma Luci, helped to develop Kim’s passion for the arts at a young age. Her grandma, a talented painter and pianist, taught Kim how to draw as a child. When Kim was 9, her grandma bought her a makeup book by Kevin Aucoin titled Face Forward. This book introduced Kim to the power of makeup artistry. Her grandma also gave her a Barbie sewing kit and her mom enrolled her in sewing classes. At the tender age of 9, Kim knew that she wanted a career as a fashion designer and a makeup artist. Through the years Kim continued to learn and be inspired by the world around her, which lead her to leaving the small island of Hawaii for the Big Apple.

Once at Parsons, Kim was pushed and challenged everyday to work on her craft. She landed her first internship at Victoria Secret Direct, working in the woven department. She assisted in the process of seeing a garment from conception to production. One of the garments Kim assisted the department in designing an embroidery layout was published in the Victoria Secret catalog. Kim worked in the New York fashion industry for a few years before returning to Hawaii to be the business manager of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics at a luxury retailer and to work in the wardrobe department for Legends in Concert Waikiki.

In 2012 Kim launched her beauty company, Bella Beauty, and focused on providing makeup services and fashion styling for photo shoots and concerts. Her dream was to have Bella Beauty become a full service image consulting company but unfortunately, Kim did not have the confidence in her own image to share her skills with clients. At 5’1” Kim was 300 pounds, lacked energy, and was very self-conscious. Although the industry she fell in love with as a young girl provided some success, Kim knew that she wasn’t where she wanted to be because she was not taken seriously by the industry. More than anything, Kim lacked true confidence in herself and did not take herself seriously.

11263810_10153298277569106_573207919_nUnder the direction and guidance of her two fashion mentors, Eric Chandler and Takeo Kobayashi, Kim developed her first fashion collection to be featured down the runway in 2013. She launched the brand under her Hawaiian name, Melenani. Eric and Takeo are successful designers who have been in the fashion industry both domestically and internationally for many decades. They took Kim under their wing and gave her the confidence to go back to New York and pursue her dreams.

Little did Kim know at the time, her plans were about to change when Heidi chose her to spend the summer of 2014 in Denver with her and Chris Powell. The next year of Kim’s life was filled with digging deep into herself to deal with issues she’s pushed to the side, filled with confrontations of life events which changed who Kim was, and filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows to show Kim just how strong she truly is as a person. Kim went from an unhealthy 279 pounds to a fit 143 pounds frame in one years time.

With a new outlook on life, new mentality, new spirit, and newfound inner strength Kim has rebranded Bella Beauty and re-launched her company in 2015 as the company she always saw it to be. Bella Beauty is a full service image consulting company providing clients with assistance in three areas of their life; fashion, beauty, and fitness. Kim’s new mission is to create a community of people who live the fashion beauty fitness lifestyle and with people who wish to live the lifestyle. Her movement Bella Nation is growing every day with people who want to help each other and uplift one another to be the best possible versions of them with no judgment.